First thing's first: Though it features a character named "P.T. Barnum," "The Greatest Showman" is in no way a factual account of the life of the celebrated 19th-century circus founder and huckster. In fact, you'll have to completely set aside any unsavory stories you may have heard about the real-life Barnum, because this one is played by the ever-charming Hugh aJckman. Resistance is futile.

With its title tongue-in-cheekily evoking "I, Claudius," another epic tale of madness and debauchery, the dramatic comedy "I, Tonya" revisits - with verve, intelligence, scathing humor and more than a touch of sadness - the bizarre 1994 attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan, by goons associated with the camp of Kerrigan's athletic rival, Tonya Harding.

"The Post " is kind of like the Yankees of movies. A Steven Spielberg directed film about the Pentagon Papers starring Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and a murderer's row of all your favorite television character actors (Jesse Plemons! Bob Odenkirk! Carrie Coon! Sarah Paulson!)? It doesn't even see…

Jump scares in horror movies are a dime a dozen and less effective than they used to be, but “It” — the adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 killer clown novel of the same name — has a fair share of whoppers and one all-timer that will jolt even seasoned scary movie connoisseurs right out of their seats.

So here’s a prime cut of unapologetic pleasure. A movie in which Daniel Craig plays a bleached-blond redneck demolitions enthusiast named Joe Bang, and that’s somehow not even the best thing about it.