With only one more game left in the college football season, it's that time of year where everyone starts figuring out what exactly is going on in college basketball. Who's good? Who's not? Who are Kentucky's star freshmen this season?

Texas A&M head coach joined 102.5 the Game in Nashville to talk about the upcoming Music City Bowl. He was asked about the quarterback situation, and about some reports that his job could be in jeopardy. 

Tuesday on the show we played "SEC Basketball player or Star Wars Character," a game that is sure to soon be sweeping the nation. Think you can figure out who's who? Scroll down and give it your best shot. 

The NCAA Tournament is a terrible way to find the best team in college basketball, but it's an absolutely beautiful way to create short lived heroes. 

Tonight, played in a converted ballroom in the Bahamas that only a handful of people will attend, and televised on a channel that nobody has heard of, A&M and Texas will finally rekindle their basketball rivalry. 

A&M will be wearing special uniforms for tonight's game against Vanderbily. Dubbed "Aggie Ice," they feature silver accents to A&M's usual white road uniform. The helmets were designed by Hydrographics to go with the uniform combination. 

With the Aggies at #25 in the AP Poll, Siri becomes a fan of the maroon and white. If you ask her who her favorite college football team is, Siri will answer by saying "I always like to root for the underdog, I guess that makes me a fan ofTexas A&M right now."

If fancy black uniforms with first-of-their-kind helmets weren't enough to entertain you this weekend, A&M also is planning something special for midnight yell on Friday Night. 

Today, some interesting news came across the internet. Former internet sensation and big time high school football recruit Sam McGuffie made the U.S. Bobsled Team. 

Anyone who knows me or my history knows that I have a certain fascination with ticket pulls at Texas A&M, so when our reporter Elizabeth Kamenicky, who's still a student at A&M, was telling me about the ticket pull this morning, naturally it seemed like something that should go here.

I'll admit that until this summer, I had never heard of "havoc rate" used as a defensive metric. It's something that TexAgs' Gabe Bock jumped on pretty early, and it's something that A&M fans have been gravitating toward as statistical proof that the defense is better than a year ago. 

A&M sophomore Kyle Allen is an interesting study in the ways we view quarterbacks these days. In the era of the "superquarterback," we've become so used to young do-it-all quarterbacks that patience is often lacking for freshman and sophomores. 

If I asked who the best freshman receiver in A&M history was, most of you are probably going to be able to get Mike Evans. His 1,105 yards is easily the freshman record, as are his 82 catches. The touchdowns record, however, belongs to Jeff Fuller with nine. 

Much has already been made (and - spoiler alert - more will be made) of former A&M assistant Brian Polian's return to Kyle Field to face Kevin Sumlin and the Aggies this weekend. 

Welcome to Sunday Brunch, your new landing page for A&M football coverage. You already know the Aggies obliterated an outmatched Ball State team last night, so let's just dive right win. 

If you follow me on Twitter, then by now you already know that since Saturday's game against Arizona State I've been trying to figure out who Jake Blount is. 

Associated Press college football writer Ralph Russo has Kyle Allen on his "Pick 6" of Heisman hopefuls short on preseason hype. Why? Because he's a spread quarterback with talented receivers (Baylor's Seth Russel also appears on the list.) But could Allen really win it? Perhaps.

Big news here folks, we finally saw some plays at practice. Let's get the bad news out of the way out of the gate, and it's that I was unprepared for said plays at first. 

Yesterday Billy Kennedy let the media come hang out and watch the team practice and scrimmage before the team heads off for Europe for ten days. Here's some video clips from the scrimmage. (Yes, I filmed this on my phone, and there's probably some unsolicited commentary from Richard Croome a…

Believe it or not, we're only three months out from the start of college basketball season, and if magazines can put out football rankings in June, why not basketball rankings in August? 

If you're just joining our venture into the world of hype videos, late July puts us in peak hype video season, and as well it should. We’re still too far away from the actual season for there to be much news, but we’re close enough that people want to get a taste of that feeling you get when…

New SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey dropped by the radio show, and after a week of hearing about his twitter account and some broad general statements about his vision for the league, we tried to narrow the scope to the current issue of athlete compensation. 

Today, the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee, a group made up of a bunch of people you've probably never heard of and one guy whose name is a reverse of Mr. Fantastic's made a series of proposals designed to fix college basketball. 

The SEC and Big 12 conferences announced the lineups for the 2016 Big 12-SEC Challenge and A&M's drawn one of the Big 12's heavy hitters. 

The Milwaukee Bucks are in the playoffs despite most sports fans not knowing that the Milwaukee Bucks are still an NBA franchise, but their appearance means that A&M fans get to add another name to the list of Aggies that have scored in the NBA Playoffs.

They might be the number one team in the nation, but the Aggies are still tinkering with their rotation. Since A.J. Minter went down for the season with an injury, the Aggies have tried out both Turner Larkins and Kyle Simonds on the weekend.

The Aggies took two of three from Missouri at Blue Bell Park this weekend which ties them with Vanderbilt at 7-2 overall in the SEC. A&M has a two game lead in the western division over LSU. 

Aggie baseball may have finally lost a game over the weekend, but their climb up the polls continued. In fact, the Aggies have their first number one ranking of the season. 

It's never fun when your team isn't in the NCAA Tournament, and selecting a team to pull for can be a difficult process. Do you go with a favorite that is likely to make a big run? (I mean... Kentucky is in the SEC...) Or do you pick a small school and live and die with them?