American Airlines has added flights during the college football season to accommodate fan travel to select games — two of which feature Texas A&M.

Six direct flights to and from Birmingham, Alabama, and Easterwood Airport have been scheduled to accommodate fans traveling for the Aggies’ Oct. 12 matchup with the Crimson Tide at Kyle Field. American Airlines typically does not fly directly between those two airports.

Also, a 6:20 a.m. flight from Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina, to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has been added to aid Aggie fans returning to Texas from the Sept. 7 A&M visit to Clemson. Dallas-Fort Worth International is American’s headquarters and largest hub, with more than 900 flights arriving and departing daily, and provided the most scheduling flexibility for added flights, American Airlines spokesperson Nichelle Tait said.

“We know there’s some huge games, and we know that we had some available aircraft time that we could adjust our schedule to accommodate for these special weekends so that all of our college fans across the country can get to the games that matter most, because there’s some really big ones this year,” Tait said.

The airline initially added more direct flights around last season’s College Football Playoff championship game in Santa Clara, California. The success spurred an expansion of the idea to incorporate more of the 2019-2020 regular season.

Six direct flights between New Orleans. Louisiana, and Austin also have been added for LSU’s non-conference bout at Texas on Sept. 7.

An internal network planning team selected the games to feature based on importance and availability of flight scheduling changes, Tait said.

Multiple American flights between Dallas-Fort Worth International and Greenville-Spartanburg still are available with prices ranging from $369 to $555 at this time.

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