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South Carolina wide receiver Bryan Edwards is tackled by Texas A&M linebacker Tyrel Dodson (25) during the second half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, in Columbia, S.C. Texas A&M defeated South Carolina 26-23. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Former Texas A&M linebacker Tyrel Dodson, who signed a free-agent contract with the Buffalo Bills, was arraigned Sunday in Scottsdale, Arizona, on charges of disorderly conduct, assault/domestic violence and property damage stemming from an incident on Saturday, according to TMZ.

Dodson, who is due in court June 18 for a pretrial conference, took part in Buffalo’s OTAs on Tuesday and Wednesday and was expected at Thursday’s session, Bills’ beat writer Mike Rodak reported on Twitter.

A woman accuses Dodson of hitting her and leaving the apartment with her keys and money, according to the police report. The officer, who responded at 7:33 p.m. May 25, noted that there was no injury on the left side of women’s face, which she said had been hit by Dodson. She also claimed the right side of her head was hit when Dodson forced open the bathroom door after she had locked herself in.

After Dodson left, the woman noticed $8,000-$15,000 in cash from her safe was missing along with $500 from her purse and her keys.

Dodson, reached by phone, said nothing physical happened and the argument was just verbal. Dodson said he took about $1,000 from the counter, saying it was money they shared. He said he would return the money.

Dodson, who was arrested a couple hours later at a nightclub, showed the arresting officer where he had been struck by the woman.

“We are aware of the incident involving Tyrel Dodson last weekend,” Buffalo said in a statement. “We have been looking further into the matter and will continue to gather information as the legal process continues.”

Dodson opted to leave A&M after his junior season but was not drafted.

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