2016 Mix Tape

Music can apply to just about anything — even oddball coaches, obsessed fans and entitled quarterbacks. Here’s this year’s playlist for Texas A&M, SEC teams and an old former conference foe. (Asterisks are on songs that have naughty lyrics.)

The 12th Man on game day

Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good by Don Williams (1981): It’s silly for Aggies to seek the assistance of The Man Upstairs when it comes to football. He clearly has better things to do. But if you’ve ever hit your knees to pray for a victory, you know what I’m talking about.

Lyrics: “Lord, I hope this day is good/I’m feelin’ empty and misunderstood/I should be thankful, Lord, I know I should/But Lord, I hope this day is good.”

Les Miles

Don’t You Want Me? by The Human League (1981): What a bizarre ending to 2015 for the LSU coach. Despite his years of success, he seemed to be all but fired as he went into the final game of the year (against A&M). The Tigers won (dang it) and Miles avoided the axe. Good call, LSU. But what a peculiar way of doing it.

Lyrics: “Don’t, don’t you want me?/You know I can’t believe it when I hear that you won’t see me/Don’t, don’t you want me?/You know I don’t believe you when you say that you don’t need me.”

Hugh Freeze

Can’t Do Nuttin’ for Ya Man by Public Enemy (1990): Ole Miss raised some eyebrows several years ago when it suddenly became a recruiting powerhouse. That led to “A-HA!” reactions as reports of NCAA violations have surfaced. Mr. Freeze appears to have his hands full.

Lyrics: “I can’t do nothing for ya man/You got all these people on your back now/I can’t do nothing for ya man/Flavor Flav got problems of his own/I can’t do nothing for ya man/Go lean on Shell’s ‘Answer Man’/I can’t do nothing for ya man/You jumped out of the jelly into a jam.”

Noel Mazzone

Fixing a Hole by The Beatles (1967): Like John Chavis and the A&M defense a year ago, Mazzone is tasked with bringing the A&M offense back from the dead. And Aggies everywhere wonder, “Where it will go?”

Lyrics: “I’m fixing a hole where the rain gets in/And stops my mind from wandering/Where it will go?/I’m filling the cracks that ran through the door/And kept my mind from wandering/Where it will go?”

Kevin Sumlin

Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of by U2 (2000): Texas A&M’s success in 2012 is getting further away in the rear-view mirror. Fair or not, consecutive 8-5 seasons — with quick rises into the top 10 and swift tumbles out of it — are enough for some to start questioning the temperature under Sumlin’s posterior.

Lyrics: “You’ve got to get yourself together/You’ve got stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it/Don’t say that later will be better/Now you’re stuck in a moment and you can’t get out of it.”

Art Briles and Ken Starr

The Truth* by Prince (1997): The chaos at Baylor has been brutal, with horrible failures in leadership and in basic human decency. This is a biting acoustic track from the late pop star.

Lyrics: “Questionnaire: What did you stand for?/Questionnaire: Who did you save?/… When it gets right down to it/You take more than you gave.”

Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray

I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash (1972): After The Great Quarterback Exodus of 2015 — one of the weirder scenarios in A&M football history — fingers are crossed for a drama-free year. The good news, to borrow from Verbal Kint: And like that … they’re gone.

Lyrics: “I can see clearly now, the rain is gone/I can see all obstacles in my way/Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind/It’s gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiney day.”

Jim Turner and Jeff Banks

How to Be Dumb* by Elvis Costello (1991): The A&M assistant coaches certainly stepped in it with the sexist slideshow at the “Chalk Talk for Women” event in July. It’s shocking that a “BAD IDEA!” alert never sounded off in their heads.

Lyrics: “Now you know how to be dumb/Are you ready to take your place in the modern museum of mistakes?/Don’t you know how to be dumb?/Like a building thrown up overnight in one of those reverse earthquakes.”

Myles Garrett

Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5 (1971): Yes, we know that the Aggies’ best defensive end in years will almost certainly leave after his junior year and become a top pick in the NFL Draft. That doesn’t mean we can’t cross all available fingers for one more year. Let a fan dream.

Lyrics: “Even though the pain and heartache seem to follow me wherever I go/Though I try and try to hide my feelings, they always seem to show/Then you try to say you’re leaving me/And I always have to say no/Tell me why is it so?”

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