For Aaron Longoria, Aggie Ring Day is not just a tradition, but a chance to give back to his university.

“Just being part of the Aggie Network and being an Aggie means so much that this might be one of the greatest days of an Aggie’s career,” said Longoria, a 2009 graduate and a Ring Day volunteer.

He enjoys sharing in ring recipients’ joy, noting his feelings when he received his ring were “indescribable.”

Fellow volunteer Martha Bostick, class of 1978, also called Ring Day her favorite thing to do at A&M.

“I cry with them if they cry. My cheeks ache when I get home because I’ve smiled so much,” she said.

On Friday afternoon, Stephanie Hood stood at the table next to her son Jaden to share the tradition she and her husband, Justin, started for their family.

“For me to present it to him and be an Aggie — we’re going to share that bond forever — was really special,” she said.

“Today’s pretty special,” Jaden Hood said. “Both my parents graduated from here, first of three brothers, so it’s good to get my ring from them, and also it kind of keeps the tradition alive of being an Aggie in the family.”

Ring Day will continue today, but forecasted weather will move the presentations to the Student Rec Center instead of the Clayton W. Williams Jr. Alumni Center. 

“People are outdoors a lot of the time while they’re waiting to come get their ring, so that can create a problem if we have lightning,” Association of Former Students Vice President Kathryn Greenwade said about the decision. “There’s some safety concerns associated with that, so we made the decision to implement a weather contingency plan for Saturday.”

Last April, when Ring Day had to move due to weather, the presentations took place in the Hall of Champions in Kyle Field. This year, though, they chose the Rec Center because at the time, Kyle Field was going to be used for the Maroon and White game before it was moved to Friday night to avoid the today’s weather.

Everyone will be able to get their rings today, she said; it will just be in a different location.

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