Dec. 26, 1942: Two early World War II fighter aces -- Jack Ilfrey in Europe and Jack Landers in the Pacific theater (both Class of 1942) -- scored their confirmed fifth kills (shooting down an enemy plane) the same day, according to Keepers of the Spirit by John A. Adams Jr.

Dec. 26, 1993: Reveille VI was kidnapped from her handler's family home in Dallas. She was four months old.

Both Reveille V and VI were staying with Mascot Corporal John Lively's family's home in Dallas ahead of the New Year's Day Cotton Bowl game against Notre Dame. Reveille VI was let outside in the fenced backyard early in the morning, according to The Eagle. When a family member went to let her back in the house, she was gone.

Lively and other E-2 cadets spent the next few days searching for Reveille before notifying A&M officials on Dec. 29. The alleged kidnappers, who called themselves the "Rustlers," contacted the Austin-American Statesman and demanded a ransom: "A&M had to publicly announce that Reveille had been stolen and state that UT was superior to A&M," according to The Eagle.

Reveille was valued at more than $750 so her abduction was classified as a third-degree felony punishable by two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

The puppy was returned Dec. 31. She was found tied to a sign post near Lake Travis. It was the first time an A&M mascot had been stolen by a rival school.

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