May 27, 1912: Old Main, the first building on campus, was destroyed by a fire. It took a little more than an hour for the blaze to completely destroy the interior. The interior and roof were made of wood, so only the brick exterior was left after the fire.

Cadets tried to knock down the remaining brick walls with rifle and cannon fire. They were unsuccessful, and ended up using ropes to bring down the remaining walls.

The building was used as a dormitory and a space for classrooms, offices, a library and all of the school's records.

The Academic Building was built at the site of Old Main.

May 27, 1918: The first organized reunion was held on campus for the Class of 1898. The class was the first to design a ring that most resembles the current ring design, according to the Association of Former Students:

"With the eagle on the crest, and the state seal on one shank and a crossed rifle and saber on the other shank, this is the earliest design that bears a resemblance to the Aggie Ring that is recognized today."

May 27, 1944: Gibb Gilchrist was appointed the 11th president of Texas A&M. Prior to his appointment, Gilchrist was dean of the School of Engineering.

Gilchrist's vision and focus was to see A&M emerge as a top agricultural and engineering research and teaching institute, according to the Texas State Historical Association.

He left his role as president to be the first chancellor of the Texas A&M College System, established by the Texas Legislature in 1948. Gilchrist presided over the system, which included 12 participating campuses and agencies. He retired as chancellor in 1953 and spent the remainder of his life in College Station. Gilchrist died in 1972 and is buried in the College Station City Cemetery.

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