Oct. 31, 1931: A&M played Centenary College in Shreveport, La. The Aggies won 7-0. It was the Corps Trip out of state, according to Keepers of the Spirit by John A. Adams Jr. A Corps Trip is when the entire Corps of Cadets makes an out-of-town appearance, typically for an away football game. Prior to kickoff, the Corps marches in.

Oct. 31, 1987: The SMU band played during the halftime performance of the A&M-Louisiana Tech game, according to an October 1987 Eagle article. The Aggie band and A&M officials invited the SMU band to perform at Kyle Field since Louisiana Tech's marching band was not traveling to the game.

Because of NCAA rule violations, the SMU football team received the "death penalty," meaning the program's entire 1987 season and all home games for the 1988 schedule were canceled.

Oct. 31, 1993: Reveille V underwent stomach surgery to treat gastric dilation-volvulus. Deep-chested, large breed dogs including colleges are predisposed to the condition, according to the A&M vet school. The condition develops when the intestines twist or rotate out of place and the stomach "bloats," causing discomfort, shock, difficulty breathing and eventually death if untreated.

Reveille made a full recovery and retired a month later. She lived the rest of her life with Joe West, a local veterinarian. He is a member of the class of 1954 and a former senior yell leader. Reveille V was euthanized in June 1999.

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