Reveille VII retires

Grant Rollo, a member of Texas Corps of Cadets mascot company E-2, hugs  mascot Reveille VII at the Corps of Cadets Center on the Texas A&M campus Feb. 13, 2008.

Sept. 6, 2013: A memorial service was held for Reveille VII. She died on May 30 from pneumonia-like symptoms stemming from an emergency surgery for respiratory issues.

Reveille VII was born on Oct. 9, 2000, and made her Texas A&M debut in February 2001 at a basketball game. Both of her parents were champion best-in-show collies, and her mother was artificially inseminated.

During her tenure as Texas A&M's mascot, Reveille VII attended President George W. Bush’s second inauguration and the 2006 Holiday Bowl against California. She retired after Final Review in 2008, and lived with Paul and Tina Gardner of College Station until her death.

Sept. 6, 2011: John Sharp was appointed chancellor of the Texas A&M University System. Sharp graduated from A&M in 1972 with a degree in political science. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Southwest Texas State University in 1976.

In 1978, Sharp was elected to the Texas House of Representatives. He became a part of the Texas Senate in 1982, where he served until his election to the Texas Railroad Commission in 1986.

Sharp became the state comptroller in 1990 and was re-elected in 1994. He was known for helping Texas avoid a state income tax. Before working in the A&M System, Sharp was a principal at Ryan & Company, Texas' largest state and local tax consulting firm of its kind.

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