ROSEWOOD TRAIL Wooded asphalt walking/jogging trail winds for 3/4 mile along Turkey Creek in the Rosewood Subdivision. The trail head is located at West Villa Maria and Shirewood Drive. 2100 Shirewood Drive. bryantx.gov.

ASTIN RECREATIONAL AREA Jogging/walking trail. 129 Rountree Drive. bryantx.gov.

AUSTIN’S COLONY PARK Jogging and walking trails. 2400 Austin’s Colony Parkway. bryantx.gov.

BONHAM PARK Jogging/walking trail. 2315 Russell St. bryantx.gov.

BOONEVILLE TRAIL This 12-foot-wide jogging/walking/biking trail follows Texas 158 for 3 1/4 miles from Texas 6 to Texas 30. bryantx.gov.

BRYAN REGIONAL ATHLETIC COMPLEX 1/2-mile walking/nature trail with exercise stations. 5440 N. Texas Ave. bryantx.gov.

CAMELOT PARK 1/4-mile walking trail. 2700 Camelot Drive. bryantx.gov.

CHERRY PARK 1/3-mile walking/jogging trail. 3607 Winridge Drive. bryantx.gov.

CRESCENT PARK 1/3-mile walking trail. 400 Crescent Drive. bryantx.gov.

HENDERSON PARK 3/4-mile walking/jogging trail. 600 S. Hutchins St. bryantx.gov.

JANE LONG PARK 1/2-mile walking/jogging trail. 1500 N. Harvey Mitchell Parkway. bryantx.gov.

LAKE BRYAN natural trails. 8200 Sandy Point Road. www.lakebryan.com.

BILLIE MADELEY 1-mile walking trail. The only access to the park is through Bryan, off Sunny Lane. bryantx.gov.

PARK HUDSON TRAIL The trail connects to Tiffany Park on one end and has 2 1/4 miles of trails. bryantx.gov.

REDBUD PARK The Neighborhood Association has added a walking path. bryantx.gov.

SAM RAYBURN PARK 1/3-mile walking/jogging trail. 1048 N. Earl Rudder Freeway. bryantx.gov.

CLAUDE SCURRY PARK 1/2-mile jogging/walking trail. 1501 Wellington St. bryantx.gov.

SOUTH COLLEGE AVENUE BIKE LANES Parallels South College Avenue from Downtown Bryan to Villa Maria Avenue for 2 ΒΌ miles.

TANGLEWOOD PARK Two separate walking paths, one paved. 3901 Carter Creek Parkway. bryantx.gov.

TIFFANY PARK 1 mile of paved walking paths. 3980 Copperfield Drive. bryantx.gov.

TURKEY CREEK TRAIL Property along Turkey Creek in the Carriage Hills Rock Hollow Subdivisions on Bryan's west side. The trails follow alongside Turkey Creek and are 1 mile long.

VILLA WEST PARK 1/2 mile of paved walking paths. 2050 W. Villa Maria Road. bryantx.gov.


Local hikers have been using the trails at Anderson Park Arboretum for more than a quarter century. (Dave McDermand)


D.A. “ANDY” ANDERSON ARBORETUM 1 mile, natural. 1900 Anderson St. cstx.gov/parks.

BEE CREEK PARK 1/4 mile, natural and paved. 1900 Anderson St. cstx.gov/parks.

BRISON PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail. 400 Dexter Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

BROTHERS POND PARK 1/2-mile jogging trail. 3100 Rio Grande Blvd. cstx.gov/parks.

COVE OF NANTUCKET 1/4 mile. 1725 Parkland Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

CY MILLER PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail. 2615 Texas Ave. cstx.gov/parks.

EDELWEISS PARK 8/10-mile walkways. 3900 Victoria Ave. cstx.gov/parks.

EMERALD FOREST PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail. 8400 Appomattox Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

GABBARD PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail. 1201 Dexter Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

GEORGIE K. FITCH PARK Nature trails. 1100 Balcones Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

HENSEL PARK Jogging trails. cstx.gov/parks.

JACK AND DOROTHY MILLER PARK 1/3-mile jogging track. 501 Rock Prairie Road. cstx.gov/parks.

JOHN CROMPTON PARK Concrete trails. 201 W. Holleman Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

LEMONTREE PARK 3/4-mile concrete jogging exercise trail. 1300 Lemon Tree Lane. cstx.gov/parks.

LICK CREEK PARK 4.95 miles of trails. Opportunities for hiking, cycling, bird watching, equestrian activities and nature study. Trails include: Deer Run, 1.64 miles, crushed stone; Iron Bridge Trail, 1.19 miles, natural; Post Oak Trail, .89 mile, natural; Raccoon Run, .83 mile, natural; Yaupon Loop, .40 mile, natural. cstx.gov/parks.

LINCOLN CENTER 1/3-mile, lighted jogging trail. 10000 Eleanor St., College Station. cstx.gov/parks.

MERRY OAKS PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail, 1401 Merry Oaks Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

OAKS PARK 1/4-mile jogging trail. 1601 Stallings Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

PEBBLE CREEK PARK 1/4-mile, lighted jogging trail with rubber cushion surfacing. 401 Parkview St. cstx.gov/parks.

SANDSTONE PARK 1/3-mile jogging trail. 1700 Sebesta Road. cstx.gov/parks.

STEEPLECHASE PARK 1/2-mile jogging trail. 301 Westridge Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

STEPHEN C. BEACHY CENTRAL PARK 1-mile nature/bike trails. 1000 Krenek Tap Road. cstx.gov/parks.

UNIVERSITY PARK 1/3-mile trails. 300 Park Road. cstx.gov/parks.

VETERANS PARK AND ATHLETIC COMPLEX American mile trails. 3101 Harvey Road. cstx.gov/parks.

WOLF PEN CREEK CORRIDOR Part of Wolf Pen Creek Park, this corridor is a 1.9-mile trail system. 1015 Colgate Street. cstx.gov/parks.

WOODCREEK PARK 1/3-mile trail. 9100 Shadowcrest Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

WOODLAND HILLS PARK 1/4-mile concrete sidewalks. 4418 Woodland Ridge Drive. cstx.gov/parks.

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