1913 team pic

A&M returned only two starters and expected little against a tough schedule that included Kansas, Mississippi and LSU. Against Trinity in the season opener, quarterback Wyatte Beasley threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to give the Aggies a 7-0 win. The inexperience showed as the team slipped by Austin College as well. Against Polytechnic College, John Garitty and Beasley each scored in a 19-6 win. The Aggies put a scare into favored Mississippi but fell, 6-0. The team got some bad news as Dutch Hohn was deemed ineligible by the school's faculty after it was discovered that he played two days with the Sinton team in Yorktown during the summer, which was against Southern Intercollegiate Association Rules. A three-game losing streak was capped by a blowout loss to Haskell. At 3-4, the team took on Baylor without an injured Beasley. Down 14-7 late in the fourth, the team drove down the field and H.L. Bonner ran around end for a 10-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to give A&M a 14-14 tie. A&M also tied LSU to finish a down season, 3-4-2. It was the first time a Charley Moran-coached team lost more than one game in a season. For the second consecutive season, A&M didn't play Texas because the Longhorns objected to Moran's recruiting practices.


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