Coach N.A. Merriam was on shaky ground before the season began. After the team defeated Austin College, 17-0, the Aggies tied with underdog TCU. According to running back Dutch Hohn in The Fightin’ Texas Aggies, "Immediately after the poor showing against TCU, a clamor by the student body went up. By the next night, the student body had raised enough money to pay off Merriam's contract, and he left. His assistant, Charley Moran, took over.” Led by the running of Victor Kelley and Louis Hamilton, A&M won its next two and went into the annual Texas game with some momentum. Prior to the game, Moran imported a new player — something he was able to do because of a rule that said a player could play in a game if he had attended classes one day prior. That was Ted Nesser, an early professional football player, but he never got into the game. Hamilton ran for a 90-yard touchdown in the 23-0 A&M win. It was only the second time the Aggies had defeated the Longhorns in 17 tries. Moran said after the game, "I have no boasts to make. The score talks for itself and for us." The team then defeated Oklahoma, 14-5. Hamilton recovered a fumble and scored on the ensuing drive, and C.E. Ward returned a fumble for a 50-yard touchdown in the victory. Next up was the finale with UT (due to a lack of opponents, teams often played more than once in a season). The defense stopped Texas five times near the A&M goal line. Kelley scored the game's only touchdown and the Aggies won, 5-0. The Aggies finished Moran's first season undefeated at 7-0-1.

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