1919 Texas game

Dana X. Bible returned from his year of service in World War I to coach A&M. The Aggies were led on offense by fullback Jack Mahan and running back Grady Higginbotham. In a season-opening doubleheader, A&M defeated San Marcos and Sam Houston by a combined score of 105-0. In the next two, end E.S. Wilson and the defense shined as A&M shut out SMU and Howard Payne. A.G. Knickerbocker played quarterback as the team rolled over Trinity and Oklahoma A&M to move to 6-0. He broke his shoulder, though, and was lost for the year. After shutout wins over Baylor, TCU and Southwestern, the Aggies embarked on the annual clash with Texas at 9-0 and vying for a conference and national championship. Higginbotham scored the team's lone touchdown in a 7-0 victory. The team finished 10-0 and outscored the opposition 275-0. At the time, there was no AP poll. The National Championship Foundation retroactively voted in 1980 on a three-way tie for the championship between Harvard, Notre Dame and A&M. A&M isn't widely regarded as the champion due to its strength of schedule. The team only faced off with two top 50 teams. The A&M media guide lists 1919 as a national championship season with an asterisk for the retroactive vote. The year was added, along with 1927 (another retroactive championship), to Kyle Field's championship display in 2012.

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