1916 Haskell game

The team beat the Haskell Institute, 13-0.

1916 Jim Crow

Jim Crow was an all-conference tackle in 1916.

In E.H. Harlan's second season, A&M had running back J.W. Rollins to lean on in the backfield. He scored the only touchdown in a season-opening 6-0 victory over Southwestern. The team was shut out by LSU, 13-0, when the offense couldn't capitalize on six trips inside Tigers territory. The Aggies ran off easy wins over SMU and the Haskell Indians to move to 3-1. But Rice halted any momentum with a 20-0 victory in Houston, going into a matchup with highly touted Baylor. Darrace Burns kicked the game-winning field goal in a 3-0 Aggie win. It set up a matchup with Texas for the conference title. In Austin, the Aggies fell hard, 21-7, after Texas' Rip Lang scored on the "Statue of Liberty" play. A&M finished the season 6-3. Harlan was fired and took over as Princeton's freshman coach. Dana X. Bible, who had led A&M's freshman team for a month before taking over at LSU midway through the season, was named head coach. The Eagle wrote, "Bible endeared himself to Aggie fans by the remarkable showing he made with the freshmen. … His teams would often play the varsity team to a standstill."

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