First football team 1894

A&M began sponsoring athletics in 1892 and sponsored a football team of cadets in 1894. Freshman Milt Sims talked friends Art Watts and Charley Herndon into forming a team. They recruited 20 players and selected fullback Dudley Perkins to also be the first coach. In the team's first game, Sims and Hugh McDonald scored a touchdown apiece and the Aggies defeated Galveston Ball High School, 14-6. Sims later told The Fightin’ Texas Aggies by Gene Schoor, "We beat them so easy we got to thinking that we'd like to go over to Austin and play Texas. So we put in a petition and finally got permission." But in the first game between the schools, Texas — which was in its second year of organized football — blew out the Aggies, 38-0. On the first play from scrimmage, A&M quarterback Bill Mossenburg fumbled the ball, which was picked up and returned for a touchdown. By request of the cadets, the game was called off at halftime. The college did not field a team in 1895. Milt Sims, who was paramount in organizing the first A&M team, was kicked out of school. The reason, he said: "Three hundred men and no women at all. It wasn't much fun." Schoor wrote, "Presumably, Sims took the ball with him when he left, because A&M didn’t field a team again until 1896."

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