Odell Stautzenberger

Odell Stautzenberger played defensive tackle for A&M in 1946.

With World War II over, some normalcy returned to college football. Homer Norton honored the commitment he made prior to the war. Instead of recruiting a normal allotment of players, he gave the players returning from World War II their scholarships back, so they could return to school and get a degree. Former quarterback Harry Stiteler, who would take over as coach in 1948, later said, "The man had enough honor about himself to honor the scholarship of every one of those boys who went into the service. Some of them could no longer play college football, but he refused to take away their scholarships." Among those returning were All-American tackle Monty Moncrief and halfbacks Robert Goode and Preston Smith. The Aggie offense struggled in getting off to a 1-3 start — scoring a total of 16 points in the losses. Quarterback Stan Hollmig took over the reins from Buryl Baty who had graduated. Defensive tackles Jim Winkler and Odell Stautzenberger led a defensive resurgence as the Aggies shut out Baylor and TCU to move to .500. The team lost to Rice and Arkansas, and limped into the UT game at 4-5. In the Horns' final game under Dana X. Bible, Texas held the Aggies to just 27 yards from scrimmage and won for the seventh consecutive season, 24-7. The Aggies did score their first touchdown on a play from scrimmage at Memorial Stadium, courtesy of Charlie Wright. The loss gave A&M its second losing season of the decade, and the team finished 4-6.

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