George Hargett

George Hargett played running back in 1963.

Coach Hank Foldberg decided to move leading rusher Jim Linnstaedter to quarterback due to the offense's struggles in '62. The team returned only eight seniors. LSU ran for more than 160 yards in a 14-6 victory. Linebacker Ray Kubala led a defense that kept Ohio State in check, but the A&M offense was held at bay in a 17-0 defeat. Three losses into the season, A&M still hadn't decided on a quarterback. Dan McIlhany, Charles LaGrange and Linnstaedter all took snaps in a 10-0 loss to Tech. It was the Red Raiders' first conference win since 1961. Halfback George Hargett returned from a knee injury and Jim Keller took over at quarterback during the Aggies' win over Houston. They beat Rice and tied TCU. A&M went into its battle with No. 1 Texas looking for a win to salvage the season and ruin the Horns' title hopes. The game took place just days after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. Keller threw for two touchdowns early, but UT had an 80-yard touchdown drive in the final five minutes. UT quarterback Tommy Wade threw an interception on the drive to A&M's John Brotherton, who subsequently fumbled the ball and gave possession back to Texas. Later in the drive, A&M's Jim Willenborg came close to making an interception but the referees ruled that he was juggling the ball when he went out of bounds. UT scored to halt the Aggies' upset bid and won 15-13. Foldberg said later, "[The controversial interception call] was the greatest injustice to a group of young fellows I've ever seen." Texas went on to win its first national championship. A&M finished the year 2-7-1.

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