Jackalope Julep

The Jackalope Julep at West End Elixir Company

The Jackalope Julep, a new cocktail from West End Elixir Company at Northgate, is a refreshing treat for the summer. It’s built like a snow cone and mixes watermelon-infused tequila, cucumber and a house-made mint syrup, according to manager Mickey Lane.

The tequila is poured in a shaker with the syrup, muddled cucumber juice and ice to mix and cool. After it’s shaken, the drink is strained and poured over more crushed ice, ready to be sipped.

Served in a silver julep cup, the drink is picturesque, garnished with mint leaves, a cucumber slice and a piece of tequila-infused watermelon. Be careful when tasting the watermelon — it’s strong.

The idea for the drink began with West End owner Dustin Baston, who wanted to infuse tequila with watermelon. From there, the creation was a group effort, Lane said. The West End bar team tried different avenues for the flavor, first with the mint syrup, then adding the muddled cucumber.

Lane says the Jackalope Julep has been a hit, and will only be offered during the summer months. “It’s a very good featured cocktail,” he said. “People order it often, especially on a nice day.”

— Josh McCormack

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