Grand Stafford Theater reopening

A Deathbed Promise performs at Grand Stafford Theater during a farewell concert for the Downtown Bryan venue on Sept. 21. The farewell didn’t last long; the theater will reopen this week for First Friday, featuring John and Jye of Leavenworth, YeeHa!, Fox in the Ground and LUCA.

Music will return to Grand Stafford Theater this week, two months after the concert venue closed.

The Downtown Bryan theater at 106 S. Main St. stopped operations in September. Jose Quintana, president of Advent GX, which managed the business, said Advent wasn't able to extend the rental agreement when the building was up for sale.

That changed when the building sold, he said Monday, and an arrangement was struck with the new owners. The first performances will be for First Friday this week, featuring John and Jye of Leavenworth, YeeHa!, Fox in the Ground and LUCA.

The venue has a long concert history, including when it was known as Stafford Opera House in the 1990s and later the Dixie Theatre. It reopened as Grand Stafford in 2012 after a renovation.

The theater also partnered with Texas A&M on lecture series and events with the Center for Executive Development, the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship and the Institute for Applied Creativity. Those events will continue, Quintana said.

Advent GX had been planning to shift its music efforts to the larger Ice House on Main at 800 N. Main St. in Bryan. Quintana said that Advent will start to add Grand Stafford events while continuing to develop the Icehouse.

Grand Stafford will open Friday at 7 p.m., and the music will start at 8.

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